Why I wanted to start blogging

Why I wanted to start blogging


There are quite a few reasons why I wanted to start a blog. It’s not about Internet fame or because I have a really interesting life (it is kind of boring actually, just the usual teeny life with annoying parents, new experiences and amazing friendships). Being a teenager can be hard, but it also has its perks. So here’s a list of reasons that inspired me to start blogging:

  1. It might help other people
  2. It can be entertaining
  3. It gives me a voice. If I have thoughts on a certain topic or situation, I now have a chance to tell people how I think/feel about it
  4. It can improve my writing: I always love to write, but I was never really good at it. But with writing it’s the same as with everything else in life: only practices makes perfect. And since my native language is not English, it can help to improve my English too.
  5. I also hope to inspire people with my post. Maybe you even want to start your own blog after you’ve read this? :)
  6. It’s a nice hobby
  7. The blog is anonym. In reality, I’m kind of a shy person, so maybe this will boost my confidence.
  8. It’s a space for creativity. I have read a lot of blogs, and it is simply amazing how many different kinds of blogs there are. Is it a photo blog or only text, most of them are really helpful/true/inspiring.

So these are just a few reasons why I wanted to start a blog. Maybe you’re familiar with some of them; or maybe you are looking for reasons why you should start a blog.

This is my first blog post ever; I hope you enjoyed it.