29 Struggles Only Canadians Will Understand

29 Struggles Only Canadians Will Understand

This is so true! Even though I only spent 10 months there, I know the struggle :)

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1. Finding yourself regularly apologizing to inanimate objects that you bump into.

2. The uphill battle of texting with mittens on.

3. Faithfully buying roll-up-the-rim cups every day for two months, only to find the winner of the grand prize dug the cup out of a trashcan.

4. The tragic day in your life when you realized the house hippo doesn’t actually exist.

5. Having one of your major cities be known internationally as the city governed by the crack-smoking weirdo.

6. Quebec trying to break up with us every five minutes.

7. When traffic is held up by a flock of Canadian geese who are taking their sweet old time crossing the road.

8. Not being able to find a decent poutine or maple syrup when you go abroad.

9. Finding a sweet deal online — and then realizing you’re on the American version of the website.

10. Spellcheck refusing…

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Why I wanted to start blogging

Why I wanted to start blogging


There are quite a few reasons why I wanted to start a blog. It’s not about Internet fame or because I have a really interesting life (it is kind of boring actually, just the usual teeny life with annoying parents, new experiences and amazing friendships). Being a teenager can be hard, but it also has its perks. So here’s a list of reasons that inspired me to start blogging:

  1. It might help other people
  2. It can be entertaining
  3. It gives me a voice. If I have thoughts on a certain topic or situation, I now have a chance to tell people how I think/feel about it
  4. It can improve my writing: I always love to write, but I was never really good at it. But with writing it’s the same as with everything else in life: only practices makes perfect. And since my native language is not English, it can help to improve my English too.
  5. I also hope to inspire people with my post. Maybe you even want to start your own blog after you’ve read this? :)
  6. It’s a nice hobby
  7. The blog is anonym. In reality, I’m kind of a shy person, so maybe this will boost my confidence.
  8. It’s a space for creativity. I have read a lot of blogs, and it is simply amazing how many different kinds of blogs there are. Is it a photo blog or only text, most of them are really helpful/true/inspiring.

So these are just a few reasons why I wanted to start a blog. Maybe you’re familiar with some of them; or maybe you are looking for reasons why you should start a blog.

This is my first blog post ever; I hope you enjoyed it.