My school year in Canada: New country, new family, new language,

September: My first day in a new country

It was Sept 1st, 2012. I was at the airport saying goodbye to my family, because it was the day I would start the adventure I had been waiting for over a year: I would leave my home country, my family and my friends behind for 10 months to live in Canada with a host family. I had a mix of emotion inside of me. I was scared and sad to leave my leave as I knew it behind, but I was also really excited to see how the year would turn out. I had always wanted to travel around and now I finally had the chance to do it. So I just said to myself: “You can do it!”, said goodbye to my family and went through the check-in. After the 10-hour flight I had finally arrived in Canada. I was really nervous because I was about to meet my new family.  It turned out that I shouldn’t have worried. They war super nice. For the next 10 months I would live with them: I would have an older brother, an older sister and three dogs, which were just adorable.  After another 2 hour drive, we finally arrived at my new home. My host mum showed me my room and I immediately started unpacking because I wanted to feel at home as fast as possible (and seeing how much effort my host family had put into it, it wouldn’t take very long). After I unpacked my stuff, I went downstairs to sit with my host family. I have to admit, it was awkward at first, but then they started asking me questions about home, my real family and my friends. They also showed me pictures of their family and told me to make myself at home, because I was part of their family now. I wasn’t so nervous anymore; these people were just so friendly and kind. When my older host brother got from work we had supper together. It was a typical Canadian food: Poutine. After supper, I was so tired (there is 5 hour time shift between Canada and my home country, so for me it felt like it was already 3am in the morning), so I said goodnight and went to bed. The first day of adventure was over.


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